(siena day thirty four)

Although no one has forgotten that Onda won last night, they have paraded through town all day. I’m not sure if they do it in shifts, but at this point I am sure they have gone through every street in Siena at least three times and they did not stop until well into the evening. 20130819-001419.jpg

Although you can’t see it clearly, some of the drummers in the back are sucking on pacifiers, this is to represent the rebirth of the contrada. Having won they are the bambinos of the city. Contrada Lupa, is the Nonna (grandmother) for they have gone the longest, and thus are the oldest, since winning a Palio. Throughout the day we have seen Onda members, both you and old, sucking on pacifiers. 20130819-001429.jpg

Il Palio photos have spring up everywhere. 20130819-001437.jpg

A view of one of the many churches in Siena. This one is in the Dragon district and has my favorite viewpoint of the city.



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